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Graduate Student Employees

Graduate Student Employees

Graduate Student Employees who meet the requirements are automatically waived.

Beginning in mid-August, the office at each campus that handles health insurance enrollment for the International Students, will receive a list of GSE’s that can be waived from the SHIP fee for the current semester. This report is provided by System Benefits Administration and is based on several factors. 

The GSE Waiver Report is run weekly from mid- August to early October.  If you do not meet the requirements for a waiver of SHIP, and you have overlapping International and GSE coverage during the semester you will be refunded accordingly for the overlapping months of coverage. AHP will automatically refund this premium to you, once the semester is over and students accounts have been reconciled.

Covered Spouses

 If you are covered on your spouse’s GSE plan, and you meet the following requirements:

  1. Coverage must begin on, or before September 1 (for fall), or January 31 (for spring), and,
  2. Your spouse meets the requirements as stated in the section above, and appears on the GSE Waiver report.

If we are able to verify that the requirements are met, your waiver will be “APPROVED” and we will notify your school to remove the SHIP fee from your student account. 

If we are not immediately able to approve your request your waiver will be pended until we are able to confirm that your spouse, the member, is listed on the report.

If you do not appear on the report, you will not be waived from the SHIP fee. However, once the semester is over and student accounts have been reconciled, AHP will review your waiver information, and you will be refunded premium for the months you were covered as a dependent on your spouse’s plan and as an International Student.